Proposed Criteria for Assessing Water Resource Plans under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

We propose nine criteria which we believe all Water Resource Plans and related planning instruments should meet in order to satisfy Basin Plan requirements.

Healthy Environment—Productive Economy: A Conundrum?

In 2016 Professor Bruce Thom wrote this essay titled "Healthy Environment—Productive Economy: A Conundrum?"

Submission to the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Five-Year Assessment

In October 2018 the Wentworth Group made this submission to the Productivity Commission after releasing its five-year assessment draft report on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Private sector trials of Accounting for Nature

The Wentworth Group has published early findings of the enterprise-scale environmental accounts trial in the paper “Private sector trials of Accounting for Nature, and links with national environmental economic accounts.”

Submission on the NSW Updated Factors for Water Recovery

In July 2018 the Wentworth Group made this submission to the New South Wales Government in relation to the consultation paper on the ‘NSW Updated factors for water recovery’ and the Water reform technical report titled ‘Derivation of LTDLE factors in NSW’ published in May.

Submission to the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission

The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission was established in January 2018 to investigate the operations and effectiveness of the Murray-Darling Basin system. The Wentworth Group put forward a submission in May 2018 to address the terms of reference of the Royal Commission.

Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Requirements for SDL adjustment projects

This advice explains what is needed to ensure that state governments modify their projects in line with the Basin Plan, to restore credibility to the SDL adjustment process.

Submission to the Productivity Commission's Five-year assessment of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

In April 2018 the Wentworth Group made this submission to the Productivity Commission for the five-year assessment of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Advice on Basin Plan Amendment Instrument 2017 (no 1)

Advice on the 2017 Murray-Darling Basin Plan amendment to increase sustainable diversion limits for surface water by 70GL in the northern Basin and for groundwater by 160GL in three zones across the Basin.