Queensland Murray-Darling Basin, QLD

Environmental account submitted by Queensland Murray-Darling Committee in 2015.


Located in the south-west of Queensland, the QMDB covers an area equivalent to 0.33% of the country’s total area, 1.5% of Queensland and 25% of the entire Murray-Darling Basin. The Basin extends 870 km east to west from the most easterly point near Warwick to Hannaford, and extends from the source of the Warrego River in the north to the meandering floodplain of the Border Rivers in the South. The southern Queensland region has a temperate climate in the eastern ranges; subtropical rangelands and then persistently hot grasslands to the west. The region has wet summers and moderately dry winters; with a median annual rainfall of 350–650 mm.

The account covers the regions managed by Condamine Alliance, Queensland Murray-Darling Committee, Border Rivers Catchment Management Association, Maranoa/Balonne Catchment Management Association and South West NRM.

Regional Statistics

Major Townships: Toowoomba, Dalby, Roma, Goondiwindi, Charleville

Population: 241, 153

Area: 25,951 km2


For more information visit the Queensland Murray-Darling Committee‘s website at qmdc.org.au


Native Vegetation, Native Fauna, Rivers, Wetlands, Soil


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