Hugh Possingham

Prof Hugh Possingham FAA

BSc (Hons) (Adelaide), DPhil (Oxford)


Ecology and population dynamics
Conservation reserve design
Endangered species management
Decision theory in conservation biology

Foreign Associate, National Academy of Sciences (USA)
Elected Fellow, Australian Academy of Science
Professor of Conservation Science, The University of Queensland
Former Director, National Environmental Science Programme – Threatened Species Recovery Hub
Former Director, National Environmental Research Program hub

Publications and Speeches

See Google Scholar for a list of Hugh Possingham’s publications. A selection is below:

“True” Conservation Progress

Cost-effective global conservation spending is robust to taxonomic group

Making Monitoring Meaningful

Prioritising global conservation efforts

The Business of Biodiversity

Is environmental research a waste of time?

Monitoring does not always count

Ecological Society of America

Harnessing Carbon Payments to Protect Biodiversity

Safeguarding Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in the Little Karoo, South Africa


Lab projects and colleagues

Decision Point