Northern Gulf & Cape York, QLD

Environmental account submitted by Northern Gulf Resource Management Group in 2014.


The Northern Gulf region covers an area of northern Queensland predominantly comprised of grazing properties on savannah woodland and open flood plains. Extensive beef production, intensive agriculture, fisheries, tourism and mining are the major industries. The region has a tropical monsoonal climate with a winter dry season and a summer wet season; median annual rainfall for the area is between 700–800 mm.

Regional Statistics

Major Townships: Karumba, Normantown, Croydon, Georgetown

Population: 9,800

Area: 196,000 km2


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Native Vegetation


Native Vegetation is an incomplete account (extent and configuration information supplied).

This material was prepared as part of the Australian Regional Environmental Accounts ‘Proof of Concept’ Trial. The account and supporting information were accredited by a scientific committee following a Scientific Accreditation process. Accreditation results and supporting information should be taken into account when interpreting asset condition.