North Central, VIC

Environmental account submitted by North Central Catchment Management Authority in 2014.


The North Central CMA region covers 13% of Victoria and encompasses a diverse range of land types; from the foothill forests of the Great Dividing Range to the riverine plains and Murray River in the north. At the heart of the region is Bendigo, a city built on gold and one that is still experiencing rapid population growth. The region comprises four major river catchments – the Campaspe, Loddon, Avoca and Avon-Richardson. The climate is Mediterranean, with the upper catchments receiving around 1000 mm of rain a year, while the plains average less than 500 mm.

Regional Statistics

Major Townships: Bendigo, Maryborough, Castlemaine, Kyneton

Population: 220,000

Area: 29,200 km2


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Native Vegetation, Rivers, Wetlands


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