Peter Cosier

Mr Peter Cosier AM

BSc (UNE), DipURP (UNE), University of New England Distinguished Alumni 2017


Environmental policy
Legislative and institutional reform
Catchment management
Land Use Planning
Environmental Accounting


Chair, Accounting for Nature Ltd
Former Director and Member, Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists
Former Board Member, Tasmanian Land Conservancy
Former Governor, WWF Australia
Former Director, Ecofund Queensland
Former Member, Queensland Premier’s Climate Council
Former Environmental Policy Adviser, Australian Environment Minister, Senator Robert Hill
Former Deputy Director General, Science and Information, NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources
Former Member, Science and Information Board, NSW Department of Natural Resources
Former Member, CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Advisory Council

Publications and Speeches

Science and natural resource management in Australia. Is there any hope? – UNE Speaker Series: Leaders and Shapers Sydney, September 2017.

Towards a Common National Approach – Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy Environmental Economic Accounts Workshop, Melbourne, August 2017.

Measuring the condition of Australia’s landscapes – ABARES Outlook Conference 2017, National Convention Centre, Canberra, March 2017.

Harnessing leading financing mechanisms in Australia – IUCN National Committee Australia, Canberra, July 2016.

Let’s have a plan for ‘jobs and growth’ and a health environment – Keynote address at the 6th National NRM Knowledge Conference, Coffs Harbour, June 2016.

Environment, Economy and the role of Science – Address to the Australian Land Conservation Alliance, La Trobe University. Melbourne, December 2015.

How does Australia become a truly sustainable society? – address to the Lyceum Club. Melbourne, November 2015.

Can the tax system promote economic growth and protect the environment? – keynote speech at the National Environmental Law Association’s National Conference, Pullman Hotel, Sydney, November 2015

The Conservation of Natural Capital for a Healthy Environment and a Productive Economy – address to Sustainable Business Australia. Melbourne, September 2015. [download slides]

Using Markets for a Healthy Environment in a Productive Economy – keynote address at the 16th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, University of Technology, Sydney, September 2015

Healthy Environment, Productive Economy – closing summation at the Reef, Range and Red Dust Conference, Caloundra, Queensland, September 2015

A Healthy Environment and a Productive Economy – Australian Local Government Association General Assembly 2015, Canberra, June 2015

Rethinking strategies for investment and retirement income – The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, ASFA Investment Interchange, Sydney & Melbourne, March 2015

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An Operational Method to Assess Impacts of Land Clearing on Terrestrial Biodiversity

Impediments to Sustainable Water Use

Economics of Nature – Melbourne University March 08

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