Central West, NSW

Environmental account submitted by Central West Catchment Management Committee in 2014.

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Located in inland New South Wales, the Central West region includes wine regions around the towns of Mudgee and Orange; specializing in cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc, respectively. Industries active within the catchment include agriculture (such as wheat, canola, legumes, fruit and beef), agribusiness, tourism, mining and viticulture. The climate is variable; average annual rainfall varies from 400 to 800 mm and falls in summer in the Castlereagh Valley and throughout the year in the Macquarie and Bogan Valleys.

Regional Statistics

Major Townships: Bathurst, Orange, Mudgee, Dubbo

Population: 185,000

Area: 84,842 km2


For more information visit Central West‘s website at www.centraltablelands.lls.nsw.gov.au


Native Vegetation, Native Fauna, Floodplains


This material was prepared as part of the Australian Regional Environmental Accounts Trial. The account and supporting information were accredited by a scientific committee following a Scientific Accreditation process. Accreditation results and supporting information should be taken into account when interpreting asset condition.

Native Vegetation is an incomplete account (extent information available).