“Committed and knowledgeable scientists can make a contribution to public policy,
if they are prepared to speak out.”

– Peter Cullen 1943-2008

The Wentworth Group is dedicated to water and land policy reform to protect Australia’s critical environments. We are composed of eminent scientists who are a trusted source of independent, non-government advice on issues related to water and land policy. We focus on solution-based policy reforms, which are of significant national interest.

The Group has a proven track record since 2002 of influencing legislative reform to improve environmental outcomes for water resources, biological diversity and natural landscapes.

Our members promote science-based solutions to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Water – Sound policy underpinned by robust science to maintain the health of our rivers, wetlands and people.
  • Land – A healthy landscape that supports rural communities and allows life in the unique Australian bush to flourish.
  • Biodiversity – Stewardship of our environment to conserve our rich and diverse species of flora and fauna.

Latest Publications

The Wentworth Group has developed this guide to reviewing Water Resource Plans (WRPs) to help communities understand WRP legal inclusions, the WRP accreditation process and the key scientific issues which should be included in robust WRPs. More…

National Water Reform

Linking science to public policy, and working with local businesses and communities to adapt to a future with less water. Related analysis and reports by the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists are available on this site. More…