Blueprint for a Healthy Environment and a Productive Economy

Transformative, long-term economic and institutional reforms that Australia must implement if it is to create a healthy environment with a productive economy.
This blueprint describes the magnitude of the environmental challenges we face, establishes the case that it is possible to grow the economy and protect the environment, and describes long-term institutional and economic reforms that we believe are essential to achieve this.


Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists

In Consultation with

Dr Guy Fitzhardinge AM, Prof Quentin Grafton FASSA, Dr Ken Henry AC FASSA, Mr Max Kitchell, Prof Darryl Low Choy AM MBE RFD FEIANZ, Ms Ilona Millar, Dr Jamie Pittock, The Hon Paul Stein AM QC, Mr Martijn Wilder AM


Carley Bartlett, Caroline McFarlane, Claire Parkes, Carla Sbrocchi, Paul Sheridan, Paula Steyer, Brad Tucker, and Rachel Walmsley