Initial Observations from the Australian Regional Environmental Asset Condition Accounts Trials

In this paper we describe how the Accounting for Nature model uses the disciplines of science and statistics to create a common unit of measure for environmental asset condition accounting, we present some initial results from these trials, and describe how these accounts can be used to make policy and investment decisions at a landscape (catchment) scale.


Mr Peter Cosier, Ms Carla Sbrocchi


This paper is a synthesis of the work of the many people who have contributed to the development of the regional proof of concept accounts listed in the Appendix, and draws on two primary sources: Accounting for Nature: A Model for Building the National Environmental Accounts of Australia, 2008,(1) and A Common Currency for Building Environmental (Ecosystem) Accounts, 2010,(2) and the interim results from Regional Proof of Concept Accounts.(3) We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Purves Environmental Fund and The Ian Potter Foundation. The authors also acknowledge the assistance of Carley Bartlett, Dr Celine Steinfeld, Dr Ian Ball, Professor Bruce Thom AM, and Jane McDonald in the preparation of material for this paper.