A Common Currency for Building Environmental (Ecosystem) Accounts

A proposed standard for Environmental (Ecosystem) Accounting for the international ‘System of integrated Environmental and Economic Accounts.’

Peter Cosier and Jane McDonald presented a paper to the 16th Meeting of the London Group on Environmental Accounting in Santiago, Chile from 25-28 October, 2010.


Mr Peter Cosier, Ms Jane McDonald


The concepts expressed in this paper have been derived from Accounting for Nature: A Model for Building the National Environmental Accounts of Australia (2008) and Accounting Metrics for Building Regionally Based National Environmental Accounts (2009).

The authors thank members Dr Neil Byron, Dr Ronnie Harding, Prof. Quentin Grafton, Prof. Bruce Thom and Dr John Williams their contributions and review of this paper.

In addition we thank Mr Mark Eigenraam, Ms Pam Green and Dr Michael Vardon for their contributions to this paper.