Richard Davis

Dr Richard Davis



Richard Davis has had an extensive career as research scientist with CSIRO Australia where he undertook research into environmental flows, catchment management to reduce sediment and nutrient contamination of waterways, land use planning techniques, and development of Decision Support Systems for natural resource managers.  His science management roles have included manager of the Urban and Rural Water Management Program of CSIRO, coordinator of CSIRO’s multi-disciplinary Blue-Green Algal R&D program, coordinator of Land and Water Australia’s Eutrophication Management Program, and coordinator of the National Land and Water Resource Audit’s Estuarine Sub-Program. Until 2010 he was Science Advisor to the National Water Commission.

In 2000, he undertook a secondment to the then Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry working on the National Action Program for Salinity and Water Quality, and subsequently spent two years on secondment to the Environment Department of the World Bank, Washington DC working on water resources management issues both globally and in Africa.

Since returning to Australia, he has undertaken consultancies for the World Bank and Australian institutions into water quality planning, lake basin management, environmental flows assessment, understanding the effects of climate change on water resources, institutional reform of water resources institutions and improved governance of groundwater.