Wentworth Group Evaluation of the Proposed Basin Plan

Response to plan changes released on August 6, 2012. Once again the taxpayer pays, individuals benefit and the river loses.

Analysis of Groundwater in the 2011 Draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Once water is allocated to consumption, it is very difficult to return it to the environment.

Statement on the 2011 Draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Statement on the 2011 Draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan in response to the release of the Draft Plan on November 28, 2011.

Sustainable Diversions in the Murray-Darling Basin

This report seeks to identify the scale of reductions in diversions required within each of the 18 catchments of the Basin.

Optimising Carbon in the Australian Landscape

It will be next to impossible to achieve the scale of reductions needed in sufficient time to avoid dangerous climate change.

Accounting for Nature

An environmental accounting system which would measure the health and change in condition of our major assets for long-term management.

Australia’s Climate is Changing Australia

Australia is going to have to get by with a lot less water, a whole lot sooner than we thought. Urgently accelerating agreed water reforms.

Blueprint for a National Water Plan

A plan to become water literate and the Council of Australian Governments to commit to urgently needed national reforms.

A New Model for Landscape Conservation in NSW

Landscape conservation founded on simplicity and flexibility, balancing investment security with high environmental standards.

Blueprint for a Living Continent

If we get it right, Australia will continue to produce food and fibre for us and for the rest of the world. If we fail to act, history will judge us harshly.